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Manga Impact on Japanese Life-Bestselling Manga

July17/ 2016
Manga is one of the most celebrated art forms in Japan. With an increased global communication, Manga has become popular and well renowned throughout the world. They have been incorporated in various art forms by many artist in various cultures round the globe. This art form of graphic communication has a strong link with Japanese traditional culture, and corresponds with common psyche, lifestyle and needs of Japanese people as well. The term manga, also known as kanji, means to create cartoon out of a cause. Manga is a series of cartoon comics, the categories of which have been expanded to almost every aspect of life.
In Japan, there are different manga stores which classify each catalog in terms of scheme, gender, message, color combination and much more. This clear classification has helped a lot in worldwide marketing of manga magazines. Each manga story is depicted in manga magazine in the form of episode, with continuation of it in next magazine. Once the whole manga story is published, it is printed in paperback book form so as to acknowledge the most celebrated ones. The Kyoto International Manga Museum in Japan was solely made to preserve diverse manga history.
The rating of each manga is estimated on the basis of few basic parameters. Popularity of a manga series in Japan has a lot to do with author’s readership. A new mangaka (a manga writer) has to work more to get popularity. The type of publishers and demographic target audience also plays an important role. Most popular manga series have been published by famous publishing house like Shueisha, Akita Shoten, Shogakukun and Kobunsha.
One Piece is the most popular manga series, it had a total of 82 volumes. More than 380 million copies of this series have been sold since 1997 up until now. Second on the list is Golgo 13, written by Takao Saito. This famous series was published and distributed by Shogakukan. Number of collected volume from the time it was serialized in 1969 up till now are 177. Total number of sales have been more than 280 million. These days, most popular ones usually carry themes of super-heroes, like Berserk, Fullmetal Alchemist, Monster, 20th Century Boys, Kingdom, etc. These series mostly target young boys, which constitute large percentage of manga readership.
Many manga series have been adapted by United States to publish similar plots in English language. However, Japanese art of traditional language depiction remains classic, as it has been evolved over the  course of revolutionary history of Japan in late 19th and 20th century.
One can see a sharp contrast in how manga series evolved before and after World War II. Manga themes closely correspond with Japanese perception of war and adaptation of US culture in pre-Occupation period. Themes in pre-war period mostly include domestic issues, sexuality, suppression, adaptation of US thought and culture, fiction, magical realism etc. Whereas after the period of 1945-1952, one can see a progressive thought in manga series. They are about commerce and business, infrastructure, city life, education, drama, thriller, historical fiction, science fiction, etc.
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