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About ReLIFE and its Characters: A Famous Web Manga

July17/ 2016

Manga series are one of the most celebrated Japanese comics in the whole world. With advanced technology and major shift of most of activities to online medium, webcomics have become very popular. Webcomics are manga comics that are published on online website. Once they become popular, they are republished in magazines, books and newspapers. Major advantage to webcomics is that anyone can become famous and can publish his or her own comic series as it is totally free. On online comics, writers and comic artists are exempted from the hastle of finding publishers. There is a wide range of scope on webcomics. They vary from graphic novels to comic strips. One such web manga series is ReLIFE. It is still not completed but has become very popular and intense because of its fantasy-oriented genre. The story revolves around romance fantasies, which is majorly targeted for largest web manga audience, which are mostly adolescent girls and boys (seinen manga type).

This web manga series is illustrated and written by one of the famous mangakas, Yayoiso. It was first published in 2013 by NHN PlayArt. It has been adapted into anime adaptation since 2015. An all famous online manga magazine called Comico published ReLIFE. The series are being directed by Tomo Kosaka.

Its animation adaptation was announced to be released on June 1st, 2016. The upcoming anime will be produced by TMS Entertainment. So far, five volumes of ReLIFE have been released. Its first two volumes were able to sell 450,000 copies internationally. Sou Yayoi, the writer and illustrator, is also planning on coming up with live action theatre adaptation of ReLIFE.

The plot of ReLIFE revolves around testers, staff members and high school students. Major characters include Arata Kaizaki, Chizuru Hishiro, Ryo Yoake and An Onoya.

Arata Kaizaki is a disturbed personality. He is a 27 year old, who had a very painful past because his friend, Saiki committed suicide after being harassed by her co-workers.

Chizuru is a bright and confidnet school teacher. She lives inside her little world of school activities, otherwise she is mostly socially awkward.

Ryo is also 27 year old. He is cheerful and outliving personality. He supervises Kaizaki’s work.

An Onoya is junior to Kaizaki. She works as an undercover student and looks similar to Ryo Yoake.

There are many students and teachers but only few of them play pioneer role in ReLIFE plot.

Renu Kurio is a rival of Chizuru. She is one of the main student characters. She is depicted as someone highly competitive and sutbborn.

Kauomi Oga is a charming boy, he is known in school as “Flashy Blong Guy”. Rena Kuriu has a crush on Kazuomi and he knows it.

Honoka Timari and Akira Inukai are friends with Rena Kuriu. Honoka is a very jolly person. She is volleyball team’s captain where she enjoys being center of attention.

Kokoro Amatsu is a teacher character, she teaches Arata’s class.

Various names in ReLIFE have been named after Japan’s railway stations, like Amatsu, Anukai, Asaji, Oga, Tamarai, Kuriu ans Saiki.

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